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Unlocking is removing the simlock of a phone to use any network provider. Typically, the phone is locked by the network provider the phone was purchased from. Unlocking the phone allows the user to then choose any other network provider..

You can find your imei number many ways, under your battery, on the back of your phone, in the settings or even by typing *#06# into the dialler.

Refunds can be given if the code is not available or the code is incorrect. Refunds cannot be given if your handset is BLACKLISTED, rejected due to custom firmware, rooted or your phone is already unlocked so please check this first. Video proof will be required for any refund.

All instructions can be found on our knowledgebase.

Unfortunately you cannot cancel a request once it has started so please check and check again before you order.

No you will not lose your warranty as this is an official 100% legal factory unlock method.